Helen Lange Evans Artography | About

I'm Helen Evans, owner and photographer of Helen Lange Evans Artography. I didn't start out wanting to become a photographer. I went through a slew of different majors in college trying to find that one thing that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I never did find it-not until I picked up my first dslr camera...then I knew. I fell completely and totally in love with the art of photography. I devoured everything I could trying to learn as much as I could about photography and how to capture great images. I've spent countless hours learning the various aspects of photography- on my own at first, then through formal training in the classroom and through workshops and mentoring given by other great photographers.

Photography is an art, and my goal is to capture images that make you stop and look. Learning never stops, and everyday I find myself seeking out new information-I'll do my best to make sure the images you see here are breathtaking, interesting, and inspiring.